Peach Flamingo

May 27, 2015

Who loves flamingos? What about a Peach Flamingo? The moment I got my hand on these beautiful shells, I knew what was coming next. This flamingo is 16x20 and searching for its forever home. 

Lots of love

39th Annual Air Race Classic 2015

May 18, 2015

Air Race Classic 2015 Hangar Party Sponsor
Have you ever been to an air race?!?!?!  Don't miss the 39th Annual Air Race Classic! There are 54 teams and 118 female registered pilots registered to compete! The H.L. Sonny Callahan Airport in the City of Fairhope will be the final stop and the finish line of the 2015 Air Race Classic, Inc.. It begins in Fredericksburg, Va and spans over 2199 nautical miles!!

 Continental Motors, Inc. is sponsoring and hosting the "hangar" party at the finish line on Thursday, June 25th from 6-9pm. This will include the awesome band MidLife Crisis LA sponsored by Yours Truly, Beautiful Junk Art, great food and beverages!! Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at Page & Palette in Fairhope, inside the airport or via Paypal Hurry because tickets are only for sale until June 1!! Don't miss this awesome event!

Lots of love

The Details

May 14, 2015

What do you want to see when you look at your artwork? 

Every piece of my art has layers upon layers of dimension and depth and every angle has a view and different characteristics. I cannot express enough how different each piece looks in person opposed to a photo. It is nearly impossible to capture the beauty of each piece!
This shot is from La Sirena, the 20x20 mermaid. 
Lots of love

Recent Favorites

May 12, 2015





Here are a few of my recent favorites and a few favorites from the show! Check back, I will be adding more soon!
Lots of love

Foley Art In The Park Review

May 11, 2015

Pictured: My two favorite little models of the weekend!

Foley Art in the Park is in the books! I had an amazing time meeting so many fabulous people this past weekend! If you were one of those that stopped by my booth, I want to say thank you and please stay in touch!! Follow me on social media or stop by and leave me a message and let me know what you thought about the show!!

Many blessings!!

Lots of love

Day 1: Foley Art In The Park

May 9, 2015

Had a great first day at the art show! Met so many fabulous people and was so pumped to be able to share my passion with others! Best compliment of the day was that we had the best tent! 

Art by Amy Lee is who I'm sharing my tent with, check her out!

Mother's Day is tomorrow, hoping to gift some beautiful (junk) art to some hard working mothers out there who deserve it!! 
Much love and many blessings!!
Lots of love

Supporting One Another

May 2, 2015

My friend Amy ( and I had a wonderful time delivering our art donations to Seasons In The Sun farm in Spanish Fort, AL. Their special guest this weekend is Simon Majumdar of the Food Network. The farm will be hosting a private Farm to Table event for a select 40 guests and local competitive chefs. This event will feature one of my favorite chefs, Will Hughes! Go out and support all of these people!!
Seasons In The Sun farm - and his new book #FedWhiteandBlue
Lots of love

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