About Erin

Hey friends!
 Here is a little bit about me:
   I consider myself a loyal friend, wife, mother and daughter. I am happily married to my handsome hubby JC and we have one beautiful daughter together, Jazlyn. I enjoy art, traveling, sports, researching, eating real food, listening to music, reading the Bible and spending much needed time with my family and friends. My goal as a wife, mother and professional is to seek optimal health and nutrition and to help my family and friends live the healthiest lifestyle possible. I do this through continued education and research and will take any opportunity to learn more and educate others. I also love to learn from people like you because I believe we all learn from each other.  You never know, you just might teach me something!
   I have a background in athletics that I've enjoyed my whole life and I also was a college basketball player and All-American college softball player. I really miss athletics and tend to fill my misery by watching sports, filling my husband's head with unnecessary critique's and picking up a basketball in my backyard here and there. My degree was in Physical Education, but I knew that there was something missing. My interest in helping others achieve their personal goals couldn't stop me from pursuing my dream. In 2006, our crazy, full of personality, half Puerto Rican daughter was born. As all you mama's know, this alone will make you focus more towards health and nutrition. I then started my education and became certified as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.  I now teach my friends, family and anyone else interested in listening to me blab about it.  
   In 2014, I kept having flashbacks of the scene in The Notebook where Rachel McAdams says "I don't paint anymore!!".  I have not been able to create any masterpieces since my advance art classes in school but I always thought about art.  My family and I have been traveling off and on for the past 13 years so I could not fill this dire need of mine.  After speaking with a few friends and training with a few artists to get up to date and refresh my memory, I knew it was my time.  From there, my artistic adventure Beautiful Junk Art was born.  I am now a mixed media artist focusing on recycled materials including glass.
   Also in 2014, I created my Amor Beauty Products line.  This came into development after numerous years of making my friends homemade organic beauty products for Christmas presents. After their repeated compliments and suggestions, I gave in and started Amor.
  I thoroughly enjoy everything the Lord has blessed me with and will strive to continue to praise Him in everything I do.  I would not be where I am today without my faith, family and friends.  Thank you for joining me on this journey and for any support that you can offer!

Many blessings!
Lots of love

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